A trip back in 2006 to Colombia was the inspiration for this business. My mom Lilian founded this business and now we have created a partnership to evolve and grow our passion. My mom's jewelry journey has ranged from multiple fairs throughout New York City, Upstate NY and Florida to Chinese auctions, and fundraisers. We have a strong partnership that enables us to thrive in hand-making a trend that blends exotic rainforest seeds with metals, semi-precious stones, and shells. Purenature has expanded its demographic by making jewelry, accessories and favors for events. We want share our love for nature and we hope you enjoy wearing purenature's unique products!
Meet the Creators
Lilian Guerrero

Monica Guerrero
Owner, Designer & Photographer

It all started on a trip to Colombia. Once I had witnessed the role of nature in jewelry, I grew an appreciation and love for the combination of the two. For years I created jewelry, and now I enjoy seeing my daughter grow this venture into a new brand - Lilian.
I've always had an appreciation for nature, design and fashion so when my mom founded this business, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I have taken a personal role in growing this passion by creating pieces, applying my design style and photography into 
this business - Monica.